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Welcome to Jolly Toper Tastings!

Here you'll find the musings of the Jolly Toper as well as dates for the infamous Jolly Toper Tastings hosted at the Tollbooth Tavern on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Come have a slurp with the Jolly Toper himself!



Nothing is new.

By mark

About ten years ago I wrote a hand full of short articles for a local on-line magazine. They were aimed at the casual whisky drinker rather than the enthusiast who probably has already covered this type of ground. I’m scared of ‘reprinting’ them here in case there’s some kind of contract thingy I signed, so here’s the link:-

See what you think and if you’re interested there’s a few more you’ll easily find.

Feedback would be good.



Poetry Competition.

By mark

Win a free ticket to a Jolly Toper tasting. All you’ve got to do is improve upon the below effort – shouldn’t be too difficult. The best one wins an open ticket to any tasting. It has to be whisky themed, initially closing date is end of April 2016 but let’s see what unfolds. Ticket valid until end of 2016, but if you’ve not used it extending shouldn’t be a problem.

A Whisky, Oh Dizzy

thread of a story, the fabric of fable
national pride and scourge of Scotland
a glass of time delicately distilled

the taxman’s tonic, the doctor’s orders
two’s just fine, three’s not enough
the truth of grain, deceitful deeds

crystal crashing super-premium breathalyser
skirlin’ and whirlin’ and birlin’ in bed
tartan tat and Johnnie and Jack

never again or hair of the dog
nurture the nature, muster the maltster
so brew the peck and profess the pot still




By mark

It’s been a while but the regular albeit infrequent spring clean has seen some bits and bobs shaken about on the site. Hopefully get some more engaging stuff up soon. Check out the TripAdvisor comments and have a look at the Facebook page too. Otherwise happy dramming and hope to see you at a tasting soon.

P.S. I have managed the Royal Mile Whiskies shop in Edinburgh for a year now so if you’re visiting ‘Mbru’ drop in past. I’m detailing the shop tastings on the Jolly Toper website too.



Back in the saddle again.

By mark

Hello folks, it’s me again, we tried some new fancy stuff which was great but we’ve decided to get back to basics with the trusty old WordPress site, sorry for the temporary absence – hopefully the experience of media with the super-site will have some benefits for the future her. Cheers.



Jolly Toper on Instagram

By mark

Never mind getting my head around Twitter, Instagram has got me proper bamboozled – I’m sure it will be great though.



Jolly Toper on Twitter

By mark

Self explanatory really, I’m very new to this and a bit of a technophobe so give it time and I’m sure it will happen smoothly.



March 2014

By mark

Check it out – next month sees the 10 year anniversary and celebratory tasting of Jolly Toper Tastings in The Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.



Charity rum tasting

By mark

After the success of two whisky tastings for St. Columba’s Hospice Jolly Toper will be doing a rum tasting to further aid the redevelopment of this priceless facility. In short the hospice cares for people in their last weeks or days, a service entirely provided by donation. The details will soon be finalised. Any rum company or private individual who wishes to donate anything to the tasting or raffle/auction can contact myself here or on any of the phone numbers at the Contact Us page.



At last the new program of tastings.

By mark

The dates for tastings are now up. This will take us to the end of the year and details of the particular drams to be tried will be posted as the tastings draw closer. We have been adopted by The Kilderkin pub as The Tolbooth has pushed back the time for serving food which makes our tastings impractical. James and his team at The Kilderkin do us proud, James is Mr Rum so look forward to a rum tasting before too long…



tastings a go-go

By jollytoper

Until the end of May 2012 I’m experimenting with a weekly tasting program, sharing the hosting of the nights between The Tolbooth and The Kilderkin pubs and adding a few Friday nights as well as the traditional Thursday nights. Hopefully this will make the events more accessible and not be a case of overprovision. Apparently linseed is good for the liver…..